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Ways to Prepare for and Fight a Flu Pandemic

by on Apr.29, 2009, under Infectious Diseases

Here are some brief hints on how to prepare for and fight the flu pandemic:

1) Prepare for the flu pandemic as you would for other types of infectious diseases.  Therefore, it is important to minimize being exposed to the influenza viruses that are present in other people.  Ways of doing this include wearing appropriate surgical masks or respirators.  At the very least, try to keep your distance when talking to others, and keep your mouth shut when being in crowded places.  Simiarly, minimize physical contact with others.  It would also be best to avoid crowded or semi-crowded places as much as possible.

2) Try to keep yourself in top health shape.  This includes not stressing yourself out too much.  Delay work that is not essential.  Get lots of rest when needed.  Keep good nutrition, and drink plenty of fluids.  Contact or see a health professional if ill.

3) Encourage family members to keep good hygiene and sanitary practices.  Encourage family members to notify others in the family if they feel ill.

4) Keep a concerned, but positive, outlook.  It is good to be prepared and concerned as much as possible.  That is how to prevent a pandemic or an illness from worsening.  Figure out as many ways of fighting the flu pandemic as possible by being vigilant.  At the same time, try to maintain a healthy and optimistic outlook that any flu infections and the flu pandemic can be overcome.

Good luck with fighting the flu pandemic !

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